subject is John Kenner quitsNEWS (Nov 10, 2009 - updated with link to external profile pages) Source: Member reports. Another one gone. John Kenner became the "product line" president of Centrilift, Claremore, Oklahoma on May 4th, 2009. Six months later, he quits. Member reports and confirmations from employees within Centrilift state his last day was yesterday. According to insiders "he was given a box, he didnít like the box and he was given two weeks to decide....", prior to the reorganization, and chose to quit. Hired by bit manufacturer Hughes Christenson, he was recently transferred to Centrilift from Hughes Christenson in Houston as the third in quick succession of Hughes Christenson managers ( Chuck Wooley previously fired) to try their hand. Who knows? Member reports cite that Baker is combining Baker Oil Tools, Centrilift and BJ Services into one operating division, naming Neil Harrop, President - Completions and Production. Luis Moncada is now the Vice President of Artificial Lift - in essence what previously may have been the top executive position of ex-Centrilift. Expect further changes, as more upcoming layoffs from Baker Hughes are said to be around the corner during the latest round of downsizing and shared services. Updates as they become available.

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